In truth, I don’t consider myself too much of a writer, nor do I enjoy writing very much. To say it bluntly, I find writing a necessity rather than a passion: a mere tool for idea dissemination and the exercise of the mind. It’s honestly a drudgering task to me, though I find it more pleasant than speaking.

Having said this however, I don’t take writing for granted for no doubt it is a task only thinking women and men can manage. I am no expert at it; in fact, it took me hours of thinking to finalize this first blog post of mine. I therefore pay my highest respects to people who can write more spontaneously and sensually than I do. For all I know, I just write what I think and learned from experience. Not to mention I don’t really use words often. Why, I’m a hermit who often spends time in isolation from the general society after all, and I don’t get to talk to people as often as how most people do. Not that I don’t like people; I just happen to pursue hobbies I can only possibly do in isolation.

While seclusion permits the unlimited creative juices and concentration to keep flowing, I realize it somewhat affects my communication skills. Language is a skill after all, and if not practiced often, may regress (well, I kinda felt its regression when I once turned into a hikikomori and locked myself in my room for a year and a half before returning to college). Hence, one practical reason why I decided to start this blog is to keep my word skills intact, if not also honed. Another more important goal is to inform. Let’s just say there were many instances in my life when I faced difficult situations alone and had hoped someone was at least there to give me the advice I needed.

“About what exactly should I be expecting from this blog?,” you might now be asking. Firstly, I want to follow Seth Godin’s advice and be a purple cow by making something relevant yet different. So allow me to present to you a “polymath lifestyle blog” that adds to the regular lifestyle blog talks about very practical things such as financial literacy and investing vehicles; medium practical things such as foreign languages; not so practical (as in Bertrand Russell’s definition of practical) things suchas Philosophy, classical music, art, and aliens. I could be very random, really, but hopefully the good type of random.

Secondly,  my goal here is not to brag, but to inform. Therefore, I’m hoping to come up with a blog that does not only go “me, me, and me”. I want you, my dear readers, to be able to relate easily to me so that you may find ideas discussed in my blog,  if there’s any at all to you,  useful in your own lives.

Lastly, this blog, though not aiming to be too diary-ish, would be inevitably personal as the name suggests. Its content is mainly be based from my first hand experience after all, coupled with what I gained from reading a few nonfiction. I am not claiming to be a know it all, however. I am quite aware I still have a lot to learn in life. But though I’m still quite young, believe it or not, I think I have some unusual stories here to tell you that you may find amusing.

There you have it: my first post. Welcome to The Rara Corner!

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