UNESCO Creative City: Baguio Art Exhibit February 2018

Have you been to People’s Park at lower Session Road yet? If not, then you’re missing a lot! There’s an interesting exhibit going on there right now showcasing Baguio and Cordilleran local art from February 11 to 24. From what I read in the papers, the event is officially called:  “Creative Baguio: An Exhibition of Hub Showcase of Crafts and Folk Arts.”

Here are a few things I saw there from a quick escapade the other day ago:

What may first catch your attention – especially when you happen upon the area at around late afternoon or early evening – are the musicians and performing artists.  I was told they usually begin performing at 3pm or 5pm, depending on how hot the sun is by that time.
And then when you enter the booths, you’ll be seeing interesting pieces of local art such as this lovely painting.
Animal horns that traditionally adorn the Cordilleran home.
You can even get your portrait done by a local artist!
And you also can get a tattoo: maybe even a traditional looking one.
Jewelries for sale: these are the local silver.
Old Baguio and the Cordilleras in general is famous for being rich in gold, silver, and other metals
Weapons 😀
Coffee shop serving Cordilleran coffee
And when you’re done here, you may also want to visit Museo Kordilyera at UP Baguio as well.
According to this poster, the Feasts Of Merit exhibit is taking place at Museo Kordilyera all year round from February 2018 to February 2019.


I’ve only been there for a very brief time as I just happened upon it by chance, but I surely would like to go back musing there for a longer time one day this week.

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