What’s The Rara Corner All About?

“What exactly should I expect from this blog?,” you might now be asking.

Firstly, I would like to follow Seth Godin’s advice and be a purple cow by presenting something different and relevant. So allow me to present to you a polymathic-millennial-lifestyle blog that adds to the regular lifestyle blog talks about very practical things such as financial literacy and investing vehicles; medium practical things such as foreign languages; not-so-practical (as in Bertrand Russell’s definition of practical) things such as Philosophy, culture, classical and traditional music, and aliens. I could be very random, really, but hopefully the good type of random.

Secondly,  I’m hoping to come up with a website that won’t only go “me, me, and me,” rather an arsenal of information and motivation that could be of use to you as well.

Lastly, this website, though not aiming to be too diary-ish, would be inevitably personal. Its content would be mainly be based from my first hand experience after all coupled with what I gained from reading some nonfiction.

There you have it: my first post. Welcome to The Rara Corner!

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In this realm, you can call me "Rara." It's not my real name, but it sounds like it. I am a musician in training, language enthusiast, and smart investing advocate. Through my writings and ruminations, I hope to create an arsenal of information and motivation that could be of use to you as well. Don't forget to hit the subscribe button for free blog updates!

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