Investing 101: Author’s Preface

Smart Tip #1: Don’t just let your money sit in a piggy bank ! You are not taking advantage of the power of compound interest by doing such. Also, you have far more options other than a plain bank account to safe keep and grow your hard earned money. Just do your research 

So you finally took interest in becoming a investor and here you are, checking my blog in search for honest and opinionated readings about the matter. Congrats! You are now on you first step to putting your will into action and making your dreams – whatever those are – into reality. I know how overwhelming everything may seem at the beginning especially when you have no one to coach you and tell you what to expect as a newbie investor.  Hence, here I am to share to you my personal insights and experience about investing.

My personal interest in investing began when my father introduced to me stock trading in the year 2009. Since then, I’ve familiarized myself with financial literacy bibles such as Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad, Fancisco Colayco’s Pisobilities, magazines such as Money Sense and Entrepreneur, and many more. At the age of 16, I began testing my own hustler luck and instincts by becoming a trader at the Philippine Stock Market. Later on, I’ve also tried other vehicles such as VULs, mutual funds, UITFs and other government funds.

I would say the road to investing and saving has been a bumpy ride for me as well. It still is. For one, I find myself surrounded by people who have different notions about money and saving as mine that are totally different from the frugal habit I’ve been trying to adopt and practice. Two, I can’t really say I had had someone I could call an investing mentor or guru for the concept was new  and foreign in where I came from the time I was starting. And when there were so called “financial advisers” around, I often found them untrue with hidden motives that don’t really help me in optimizing my true potential. Thus, I could say I’ve learned many things the hard, trial-and-error way.

What I have learned in my journey as an investor, therefore, I wish to share with you through this website. Learning about this wonderful practice of investing and picking your first investment vehicles, I know, could be quite daunting with the many options you can now choose from these days. While I cannot tell you exactly what to do, I’m hoping to at least coach you how to avoid poor investing choices and how to maximize your potential as an investor.

Sounds good? Well then here’s my first advice to you. You will often hear financial advisers say today, if not yesterday, is the best time to start investing. In my opinion, that may be true:  only if you pick the best investment vehicles that truly fit your goals, needs, and capabilities as an investor.

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