Road To Professional Musician Episode 1: The Game Change

I wanted to start my 2018 by posting something on my blog on January 1st itself: unfortunately, just before the new year, I caught a terrible, terrible flu that kept me paralyzed and stuck my bed for many days. It’s my week three of suffering from this awful virus: body ache and sniffles are gone, yet I still suffer from annoying coughs and an itchy throat. I initially planned to start the year reporting my practice and progress on  Malinconia, Ninfa Gentile by Vincenzo Bellini – a tricky classical soprano piece I study to improve on my breathing- but I found myself unable to sing it well with the yucky phlegm stuck on my throat. On the other hand, it was only on January 8 (Monday) that I gained enough willpower to resume practicing on the piano.

As for my writing, I must admit that what really kept me from writing wasn’t the flu itself. It was rather procrastination brought by my ‘paranoid, perfectionist tendencies ’ – a derailing perfect or nothing kind of attitude typical to classically trained musicians. The initial plan was to post weekly well thought long ruminations on my blog: such posts, however, take me long hours of thinking and research that consume much of my limited willpower batteries (with reference to Willpower by Baumeister and Tierney). Realizing I can’t keep up with the initial plan, I change plans, and the new plan is to mini-blog: short, frequent, and light enough to keep me constantly productive.

Hence, from now on, I aim to post stuff – mini-blogs or mini-vlogs – on my website and social media accounts at least thrice a week to help motivate me accomplish my goals, and keep track of my progress as a musician in training.

 ***End of Report***

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