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Here’s arrangement of a Philippine folk song I made a year ago for a major subject. I rushed making this for my this for my class, and in truth, it’s still a work in progress. I’d love to make use of more dissonant chords when I get the time.

Basically, all of us in class were challenged to make an arrangement of one song: Bahay Kubo which literally means ‘home hut’. To make a difference from my classmates’ work, I wanted to tell a short story I made in my mind through the piano. The sun’s not yet out and the roosters already declare the morning. The farmer and his family begins the day: they have coffee and breakfast, and then they feed the chickens, carabaos, and pigs. They do work and tend the garden before the sun reaches its peak (because it’s really hot in the Philippines). At 12 o’clock, they have lunch and enjoy a good siesta after. The children play and hang out with their friends. However, by 3 o’clock, it rains really hard. The farmer and his family worry because it seemed a storm that could ruin their crops. Thankfully, the rain settles down and the farmer and his family have a good night’s sleep.

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