Road To Professional Musician Episode 2: Starting The Day With An Audio Book

Among my favorite self-help books is Willpower by psychologists Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney. I have the audio book version and it’s something I will never be tired of listening to over and over again in the morning and evening. In truth, at this period of my post undergraduate life, I find myself very vulnerable to distractions and ‘earthly temptations’ that derail me from achieving my goals. I do understand that if I were to put my aspirations into reality, I must then be able to exercise strong discipline and self-control at most times. It’s not easy but it can be surely attained through good discipline and practice powered by the willpower. Willpower, according to the researchers, is a like a trainable muscle. Willpower, too, is like a battery that drains and recharges.

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