There’s No Such Thing As Talent Without Work

Chiaki on luck
Chiaki on luck

Mine: Must be nice… having natural talent you don’t have to work for.

Chiaki: What? I’ll have you know I’ve been practicing piano and violin since I was three, especially with the violin. It was hours and hours every day all the way up to college. I just wasn’t as good on the violin as the piano that’s why I entered the piano department in school. And even if it took me all the way up to the top, I’m only in my second year here, sometimes I feel like running away.

Mine: Sorry. I’m not sure I really get your point.

Chiaki: My point: I dream of becoming a conductor. That’s what drives me to keep studying. There’s no such thing as talent without work.

Dialogue from the English dubbed anime adaptation of Nodame Cantabile by Tomoko Ninomiya.

* * * * *

There’s no surprise the best musicians practice in not less than three hours a day on their instruments regardless of how good they already are. Not only for the practical purpose of honing their skills, but because failing to practice constantly leads to skill regression.  Becoming and choosing to remain a musician, therefore, is a constant challenge.

Musicianship is never easy as how others perceive it to be: there’s a lot more that happens you don’t get to see on stage. So are many things in life.

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