10 Facts About The Author Of This Blog

The purpose of this Facts-About-Me section is to give my new visitors an idea of what to expect from this blog. Here ten clues of what this blog may turn out to be:

1.  I’m not a literary writer, rather I consider myself only a ruminator who uses writing as tool for idea dissemination. Also, for a double purpose, I write to cure my dyslexia.

A weird but fabulous selfie-pose of mine.
A weird but fabulous selfie-pose of mine.

2.  I am a musician in training. I specialize in classical singing and piano.

I play the piano and sing. The violin in the picture is my friend’s.

3. If you ask me what I’m most passionate about, it’s creating and growing things. I find music and business mediums of creating awesome projects.

Ryutaro Mine from Nodame Cantabile

4. I take language lessons when I can afford.  I speak and write a little Chinese and Japanese, and understand a little Korean. I’m looking forward to focusing on a foreign language this 2018.

Some books I have at home. I’m looking forward to formally studying a Western foreign language soon.

5I occasionally make ear training exercises and tutorials on Youtube. If you’re a music student or if you’re preparing for conservatory, search Hermit Academy(or simply click link below) and SUBSCRIBE.

6. I have two cats named Tyrion and Drogon.

Tyrion, my baby boy
Tyrion, my baby boy

7. I don’t play games. The only games I play are Kanji quiz games, JLPT quiz games, ear training games, and blogging if you consider those games.

Random stock photo

8. I’m more into nonfiction though I have a penchant for some of the classics. My favorite books are To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee (reminds me of my childhood at my rustic, little, sub-urban village in the mountains) and A Wisdom Of History by Rufus Fears.

9. My favorite animes are Welcome to the NHK, Nodame Cantabile, Code Geass, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, and 12 kingdoms.

Anime I like

10. I love Rachmaninoff. His Piano Concerto No. 2 and Anna Fedorova’s playing (along with Chiaki’s and Nodame’s playing) move me the most.

~ Thanks for dropping by. See you on the next post! ~

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