Why The Real ATK Isn’t A Friend To Everyone

Image of Socrates via http://www.theimaginativeconservative.org/2014/08/socrates-as-a-model.html

If there’s something ATK is most grateful about from his years in college, it was the opportunity to learn and hone valuable interpersonal and social skills with people. With what he is today, new friends would not believe him to be the same somewhat rebellious, anti-social teenager from five years ago. Miraculously, from being the extreme introvert that he was, he managed to transform into a bubbly ambivert capable of leading conversations and people. Still, despite this grandiose change, the existentialist ATK has never really disappeared.

Sometimes, this existentialist ATK appears when he feels even just slightly comfortable with certain lucky people. Too bad most of them aren’t really comfortable with him. Most often, they accuse the real ATK of thinking too much for his own good. They find his continuously asking of tiring questions annoying. But it is in his real nature to ask “whats” and “whys” all the time. The real ATK is the existentialist after all, and stopping him from asking these questions kills the entirety of him.

That’s why ATK only keeps a few confidants, most of them being hermits like himself. Not everyone is into the real stuff he likes talking about anyway. There’s a reason why Socrates was poisoned. ATK thinks he better take the same poison rather than shut up and not strive for enlightenment at all.

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